We create more than a hundred new videos every year. They are the culmination of thousands of hours of researching, writing, editing, animating, and producing. We comb through thousands of scientific papers from the peer-reviewed medical literature so that busy people like you don’t have to!

In 2023, I covered a wide variety of hot topics. I released the erythritol reversal, a vegetarian stroke risk update, a whole series on yoga, and, of course, a lot on aging and anti-aging based on my research for How Not to Age. Which videos floated to the top last year?


#10 How to Treat Body Odor with Diet 

Deodorize from the inside out with food!





#9 The Best Diet for COVID and Long-COVID

Soon after COVID-19 emerged as a global public health threat, we paused our planned videos so I could produce a series on COVID-19 and write the book How to Survive a Pandemic. These resources concentrated on how pandemics arise and how we can mitigate future risk. As such, they remain as relevant as ever, but now that we have several years of data on COVID-19, I can finally answer the question: What is the role of nutrition in both preventing and beating COVID-19?


#8 Dietary Cholesterol and Inflammation from Abdominal Obesity

The optimal intake of dietary cholesterol may be zero. Hold on. Didn’t the U.S. Dietary Guidelines remove cholesterol as a nutrient of concern? No, just the opposite. Dietary Guidelines: “Eat as Little Dietary Cholesterol as Possible.” Even egg industry-funded studies show that the cholesterol we eat raises blood cholesterol levels. (For more on that, see my video Does Dietary Cholesterol (Eggs) Raise Blood Cholesterol?.)


#7 Fasting to Detox

During weight loss, pollutants stored in our fat spill out into our bloodstream. How might we help flush them? This video first appeared in my Fasting and Cancer webinar. You can now watch the recording of that webinar, which includes a Q&A. 




#6 Dietary Sources of the “Longevity Vitamin” Ergothioneine

Why may it be even more important to include mushrooms (or tempeh) in our diet as we age? Note that, unlike oyster mushrooms, white, crimini, portobello, shiitake, and morel mushrooms should not be eaten raw. I have a video coming out soon about this, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.



#5 Are Beyond Meat Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Healthy?

The SWAP-MEAT study puts plant-based Beyond Meat products to the test.





#4 How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Without Sleeping Pills

Taking less than just 18 Ambien-class sleeping pills in an entire year may triple the risk of dying prematurely.





#3 The Negative Effects and Benefits of Plant-Based Diets

What are the pros and cons of plant-based eating?






#2 Is Soy Milk the Most Nutritious Non-Dairy Milk?

Soy milk is compared to dairy milk and other plant-based milks.





#1 How Not to Age – Live Presentation

I was so thrilled to release this presentation based on my new book How Not to Age and am heartened that it’s already racked up hundreds of thousands of views. I hope it helps with your New Year’s resolutions! 

As always, all proceeds I receive from all of my books are donated directly to charity.


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