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Volunteer Spotlight: Tatiana Fernandez

“I started volunteering at NutritionFacts about five years ago after following Dr. Greger for a while. I thought that the science and the information on NutritionFacts was crucial for helping others and for our own wellbeing. I believe it should be easily accessible globally in every language possible, so I decided to join the Spanish-English Translation Team. I really enjoy being part of the team and have learned so much. Currently, I’m the NutritionFacts YouTube Comments Moderator. I’m still learning a lot and I’m loving it!

Since I was a child, my favorite plant-based meal has been a big, fresh green salad. I literally used to fight with my sister over who got the biggest portion and my mom always got a kick out of the fact that we didn’t fight over candy, we fought over lettuce salad!”

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