True Temperance

A simple definition of temperance is using good things in moderation and completely avoiding things that are harmful. The goal of temperate living is peak physical, mental and emotional well-being. Temperance refers to all aspects of our life, not just regarding alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

Alcohol – Millions consume alcoholic beverages. Advertisements portray people who drink alcohol as being happy, congenial and fun loving. They fail to tell about all the auto accidents, assaults, sexual abuse, murders and suicides caused by people who have been under the influence of alcohol. Every drink of alcohol irreparably destroys brain cells. Alcohol promotes high blood pressure and is directly toxic to the heart muscle. Alcohol increases the risk of stroke, heart failure, stomach ulcers and cancer. One or two drinks can produce spasm of the coronary arteries, decreasing the oxygen supply to the heart. Liver cirrhosis is common in alcohol users. Alcohol robs the body of vitamins and minerals. Perhaps the saddest statistics are those of damaged babies who are permanently retarded due to their parents’ alcohol use.

Drugs – Despite all the education about illegal drugs, we continue to see an increase in their use and abuse. Many begin using drugs out of curiosity, to please friends, to provide an escape from reality or to avoid dealing with problems. Because drugs don’t solve problems, users often find that instead of escaping from their problems, they end up adding a tough new one – drug addiction. Up to 70% of prison inmates are incarcerated for drug-related crimes. Remember, it is far easier to prevent a drug problem than to cure one. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, get help!

Tobacco – One of the most addictive of all substances used by humans – it kills 16,000 people worldwide every day. Smoking is the single most preventable cause of death in the world; it only makes sense to stop smoking. Besides lung cancer that everyone knows about, tobacco also is causative in many other cancers. Its mixture of over 20 poisons leads to disease: emphysema, stomach ulcers, heart disease, diabetes, and low birth-weight babies etc. Smoking is expensive – not only for the tobacco but in extra health care and insurance costs.

Common-sense changes in your lifestyle can add years, perhaps decades, to your life. What’s more, your quality of life can vastly improve. Plan right now to enjoy filling the years ahead with a balanced high quality life!

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